4-25-2021 Top Gainer of the day!

03-01-2021 Top 5 Altcoins of the Week

LunarCRUSH.com has chosen the top 5 altcoins of the week according to projects’ price performance and progress in GALAXYscore, which indicates how healthy a token is by looking at combined performance indicators across markets and deep social engagement.


以下是从2020年起首发上市的代币的前景 @ICO_Analytics 在Twitter上。仅分析具有至少30天交易历史的硬币。如果没有销售,则ROI取决于交易第一天的收盘价。 $aleph $jrt $sol $kai $stake $wrx $edg $jst 1TP2保持 $fio

7-30-20 币安 将列出FIO协议(FIO) 并开放交易 FIO / BNB,FIO / BTC和FIO / BUSD 交易对 2020/07/31 9:00上午 (世界标准时间)。 

8-4-20 FIO在前十名中 市值超过1000万的Altcoin