12-03-21 No More Renewal Fees or Expiration Dates: FIO Crypto Handles Are Now Yours for Life.

11-2-21 FIO is sponsoring @CoinFest Ghana 2021 by @BCFAfrica, a one-day event to explore how DeFi is helping Africa leapfrog from traditional banking.

11-11-21 FIO is sponsoring theMiami Crypto Experience Incubator Night event!

08-05-21 BitMart will list FIO (FIO) on our digital assets platform on Aug 5, 2021.

07-31-21 The CyberCodeTwins have taken overFIO’s Twitter!

07-27-21 FIO ProtocolReceives A+ Rating from Xangle Crypto Disclosure Platform.

07-09-21  FIO Managing Director Luke Stokes  onFinTech Chat.

07-03-21 To change the art industry,NFTs must be more secure.

06-30-21 FIO Token Is Now Available on Changelly

06-29-21 CoinTelegraph Interview  Luke Stokes and Changelly CEO, Eric Benz

05-10-21 In-Depth Update for FIO Protocol CommunityScheduled for 18 May.

04-27-21 Changelly Enables Support for FIO Addresses and FIO Request!

04-13-21 CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn, FIO Protocol!

03-24-21 $10,000 FIO Video Competition for 1-year Anniversary Celebration!

03-23-21 Stephen Stonberg,CFO of Bittrex Global speaks with FIO’s Luke Stokes.

03-16-21 Watch the latest FIO Block Producer meeting

03-09-21 WhiteBIT will hold a Telegram AMA session with FIO at 3 p.m. UTC.

03-03-21 WhiteBIT holds a Fireside Chat with FIO protocol.

03-01-21 has chosen FIO as one of the top 5 altcoins of the week.

02-22-21 Enjoy a 0% trading fee for 2 weeks on WhiteBIT!

02-22-21 WhiteBIT adds FIO support & lists FIO token.

02-03-21 Fio sponsors a hackathon at Eth Denver.

01-26-21 Weekly Video Update w/ David Gold, FIO Visionary + ETH Denver Announcement

01-19-21 A major milestone 100,000 New FIO Address Registrations! Read all about it.

01-10-21 Fio weekly video update 

01-1-21 FIO and @lukestokes in this   CoinTelegraph article

12-21-20 Liquid Exchanges adds FIO address support.

12-1-20 Terrific FIO story in The Tech Panda 

11-06-20 FIO Release 2.2 on Mainnet

10-28-20 FIO Managing Director Luke Stokes  discusses why now is the time for financial services to adopt decentralized solutions.  Cointelegraph article 

10-16-20 ChangeNOW has officially  integrated the FIO protocol.

10-12-20 FIO Release 2.1 Now Live

10-8-20 Edge Wallet has made some exciting updates!

9-22-20  $20,000 FIO Giveaway: Binance Learn & Earn

9-20-20 The Referral Contest is back on until October 18th.

9-15-20 Bithumb will hold a “FIO Special350,000 FIO Giveaway” event!

9-11-20 Moves to Eliminate Public Address Usage with FIO Protocol

9-10-20 FIO Version 2.0 All FIO producer, API, and history nodes must be upgraded to Version 2.0.0 by September 16, 2020

8-31-20 @KennethBosak is having a FIO giveawy on Twitter go check it out!

8-14-20 FIO support has been added to Now you can browse through services, find the best offers and swap $FIO.

8-13-20 To celebrate the official listing of $FIO , Bithumb will hold a “50,000 FIO Grand Prize Pool” event

8-11-20 Bithumb Global will list FIO  starting Aug 13, 2020 at 17:00(UTC+8) Trading Pair:FIO/USDT

8-7-20  @Infinito_Ltd has started integration with the FIO Protocol.

8-6-20 FIO AMA this Friday (8-7-20) at 6pm UTC, we’ll host a livestream with @lukestokes
to answer YOUR questions about the FIO Protocol.
8-4-20 lists FIO/USDT, FIO/BTC trading pairs.

8-4-20 list FIO.

7-31-20 will list FIO/USDT trading pair at 17:00 on July 31, 2020 (UTC+8)

7-31-20 Binance will list FIO Protocol (FIO) and open trading for FIO/BNB, FIO/BTC and FIO/BUSD trading pairs at 2020/07/31 9:00 AM (UTC). 

7-30-20 Tribe Wallet adds FIO support

7-29-20 FIO  captures a spot in the Top 10 tokens launched in  2020! Read more…