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Latest News

4/12/22 FIO is now available on AAX Exchange.

4/11/22 Infinity Wallet Implements FIO Protocol to Enhance Wallet Experience and Support FIO Token Swapping!

4/11/22 To celebrate the FIO listing on AAX, FIO teamed up with them to give away 20,000 FIO!

3/12/22 New FIO block explorer EOS Authority.

3/10/22 FIO is excited to announce the completed integration of FIO Protocol in Opera’s  Android browser.

3/2/22 Ellipal Partners with FIO to Streamline Crypto Transactions.

2/28/22 MoonXBT Announces Partnership with FIO Protocol.

2/22/22 FIO Staking Rewards Go LIve Today!

2/4/22 Edge Wallet adds staking support!

1/29/22 Anchor Wallet adds FIO staking support!

12-03-21 No More Renewal Fees or Expiration Dates: FIO Crypto Handles Are Now Yours for Life.

11-20-21 FIO is sponsoring @CoinFest Ghana 2021 by @BCFAfrica, a one-day event to explore how DeFi is helping Africa leapfrog from traditional banking.

11-11-21 FIO is sponsoring the Miami Crypto Experience Incubator Night event!

08-05-21 BitMart will list FIO (FIO) on our digital assets platform on Aug 5, 2021.

07-31-21 The CyberCodeTwins have taken over FIO’s Twitter! 

07-27-21 FIO Protocol Receives A+ Rating from Xangle Crypto Disclosure Platform.

07-09-21  FIO Managing Director Luke Stokes  on FinTech Chat.

07-03-21 To change the art industry, NFTs must be more secure.

06-30-21 FIO Token Is Now Available on Changelly

06-29-21 CoinTelegraph Interview  Luke Stokes and Changelly CEO, Eric Benz

05-10-21 In-Depth Update for FIO Protocol Community Scheduled for 18 May.

04-27-21 Changelly Enables Support for FIO Addresses and FIO Request!

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Earn Rewards for Supporting FIO Protocol!


Pledge any amount of $FIO to the Staked Token Pool.


Vote for a block producer or assign voting to a registered proxy.


Earn rewards on your staked $FIO and redeem at any time.


FIO Staking rewards $FIO holders for pledging tokens to the block producers who govern the FIO Chain and secure the FIO Protocol.

Check your FIO Staking Rewards.

The FIO Roadmap

FIO’s vision is to operate as a transparent, community-run DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Consortium) in which token holders have influence over the future of the FIO protocol.

The FIO roadmap is managed by the FIO foundation  but the content of the roadmap is driven by the community (users, block producers, foundation members) by way of FIO Improvements Proposals (FIPs). The FIPS live in GitHub.

You can influance the roadmap by being an active member of the community and participating in the discussions on Telegram  and Twitter.


Block Producers

What is a Block Producer?
Block producers run the infrastructure necessary to run the FIO blockhain, and play a major role in the governance of the chain. Those holding FIO Tokens choose the block producers through vote.

Who are the Block Producers?
Anybody can register to be a block producer (BP) and produce blocks if they receive enough votes. The top 21 active BPs and up to 21 stand-by BPs will be paid – the pool of the 42 total BPs are determine by number of vote. You can view the currenct Block Producer list here.

Block Producer Performance Metrics

FIO Development Resources

FIO can only succeed if the protocol is integrated in to YOUR product & services. If your’e a developer of a blockchain application  implementation details, API Specs, and SDKs, FIO has an extensive Knowledge base as well as a Developer Portal and GitHub repository.

What makes FIO different?

Similar to other crypto-naming projects FIO supports sending and receiving crypto but FIO can seamlessly support ANY blockchan.

FIO also enables your ability to request payments, this is critical when incorporating crypto-payments in to your businuss processes. Sending an invoice (payment request) is native to the protocol and integration is easy and FIO  metadata can be attached to any transaction on any blockchain.

Industry Acceptance is SWEET!

Check out the FIO token’s performance.

BlockFolio App

FIO  Captures a Spot in the Top 10  For Tokens Launched in  2020!

The launch of  the FIO token on BitMax was a tremendous success. Read more…

Are you new to FIO?

Please watch this explainer video from the FIO Foundation.

Sending Crypto using FIO
  1. Choose the FIO address (If you have more than one).
  2. Select your cryptocurrency.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Enter the recepients FIO address.
  5. Send your crypto!
Recieving Crypto with FIO
  1. Share your Fio address.
  2. Recive your crypto!
Requesting Crypto with FIO

1. Open your wallet (BTC, ETH, etc) & choose Request.

2. Select FIO Request option.

3. Enter the FIO address.

4. Click Send Request. 

That’s it!


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